Vizsla Testimonials

South Side Farm knows a happy customer means a happy home for our puppies. Just like people, dogs are not all alike. We at South Side Farm do our best to find the best puppy suited for our client’s particular wants and needs. A lifelong caring and loving relationship between our dogs and their owners is what we want first and foremost….

It is amazing how many times people will write a letter to complain about something but not often write a letter to give a compliment !  Well this letter is about how amazing our second Southside Vizsla is!  Lucy is doing great!  She is happy and sweet and exactly what we expect from Southside.  I have always said, if you are looking for a perfect “show dog Vizsla” then maybe Southside is not the place for you.  If you are looking for a Vizsla that is healthy,  has a great disposition and a wonderful companion dog, look no further than Southside.   Our Southside Sophie is 10 years old.  She is just as amazing as she was when we got her from Southside….and now Lucy does not disappoint .  She is just as wonderful and sweet as Sophie.  Southside Vizslas still rule !!

A Special Message from

Linda & Vinny S.

“I don’t talk much….but it’s just because I’m contemplative….Oh yeah, And I’m not human”
Robert and Jen from Massachusetts looked to South Side Farm for two of there Vizsla puppies. The majority of our Vizsla puppies now live in the Northeast including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont and Maine.

I hope everyone at South Side Farm is doing great. We are the family from Boston who owns the liquor store and we love Vizslas. We had 2 Vizlsas in the past who we loved dearly and life wasn’t the same without them. We bought Molly from you 13 years ago and she had a wonderful life. She was the best dog anyone could ask for-every place we went people would ask where we found such a beautiful dog. Molly was great and we were very fortunate to have a perfect Vizlsa. We decided to get another Vizlsa 4 years ago and we bought one from a local breeder. The price was $200.00 cheaper than yours and we didn’t have to travel-so we bought her from this breeder. She never looked like Molly, and we seemed to spend a lot of time at our Vet’s for numerous reasons, and then we lost her to cancer. I’m glad we came back to South Side for our Max. He is the love of our lives! Max is great with our grandchildren and our cat has a new best friend! Thank you South Side Farm for giving us a wonderful dog who is part of our family and has made our life so happy and complete.

A Special Message from

Robert and Jen

“We met in a bar and when I woke up the next day I said to myself, “Oh, what did I do? She is a real dog.” Of course, the rest is history”
These Vizsla dogs are a match made in heaven. Stacey from New York came to South Side Farm for her Vizsla puppy. Most of our Vizsla puppies are with families in New York and the surrounding states like Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and more.

Just wanted to share with you a picture that aired on Good Morning America on Halloween. Stoli (my dog) and Hennessy (my neighbors dog) got married on Halloween. Stoli is the groom. He was born from the Feb. 7, 2006 litter. We walked them on Halloween and more people stopped and commented on the dogs then the kids. We found out last year that our neighbors who live behind us have a female who is 6 months older than Stoli. They play together almost everyday. We have a dog door in our fence and they play with each other all day long. They are very funny to watch, whether stalking, chasing, wrestling, or sleeping. We all love him so much, he is a giant mush, and as you can see we can pretty much do anything to him.

Stoli the Vizsla from South Side Farm ties the knot on Good Morning America

Stacey G. , (Setauket, NY)

“You probably think this is a smile on my face…Well, you’re right, it is.'”
There are many Vizsla puppies out there, however, if you are discerning, please contact us at South Side Farm. Located in New York, our Vizsla puppies are never too far away if you live in the Northeast region including New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Pennsylvania and more.

It has been 2 full days that we have had Asha (our puppy), and I wanted to let you know how it was going. Well, she and my 2-year-old son, Adrian, have become BEST friends already, it’s hilarious how they interact. I am happy to say she came to us already practically house-trained! She has had 2 accidents, but both were our fault for not seeing the signs. On the day we got her, we went to a local event, “Peace in the Park”, near where we live. There she met so many people and children, and even some other dogs. She behaved very respectfully with the dogs, staying still while they sniffed her and waiting for them to approve before trying to initiate play. I was impressed! Her mother taught her well. She was also exposed to the noise of somewhat loud music being played live. At first, all of this made her nervous, but by the end of it she had come completely out of her shell and was running and playing with everybody. I think it was a great socialization experience for her. My son also got her to walk on a leash. She was following off the leash fine, but as soon as I attached it, she would park herself firmly wherever she was. Coaxing her forward with the smell of food wouldn’t even work at that point. Then she realized that if she complied, she could catch up to where Adrian was and walk alongside him, and that was all the incentive she needed. She now walks on the leash, with or without my son, like a champ! She has even conquered her fear of the porch stairs. She’s come along so much in just two days.. she’s very intelligent, too. Using very small pieces of chicken, I taught her “sit” and “down”(as in lay down) in under 5 minutes, and more importantly, she now knows to sit or lay down in the presence of my son when she gets too excited, rather than jumping at him. She’s already gone on many runs through the field across from our house and is loving life so far. Thank you for a wonderful girl. I’ve attached some pictures, and I’ll be in touch to let you know how she’s doing in the future. Thank you!.

Jackie , (Herkimer, NY)

“I have no idea what you’re doing, however, I am still a puppy.”
The are many Vizsla puppies out there, however, if you are discerning, please contact us at South Side Farm. Located in New York, our Vizsla puppies are never too far away if you live in the Northeast region including New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Pennsylvania and more.

I am so happy that I chose to come to South Side Farm and patiently waited for a Vizsla puppy. Yogi is everything that I hoped for in a puppy very healthy, intelligent, energetic, playful, & affectionate. At 12 weeks of age I have already gotten him to sit, lay down, and shake on command. I will keep you posted as he continues to grow into a wonderful dog. Thank you again & I will most definitely be coming back to South Side Farm when I am ready for another Vizsla!!!

(Dansville, NY)

“I know I look like the tough guy, but I can’t help myself; I just love this little puppy.”
The are many Vizsla puppies out there, however, if you are discerning, please contact us at South Side Farm. Located in New York, our Vizsla puppies are never too far away if you live in the Northeast region including New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Pennsylvania and more.

Our newest addition to the family is absolutely wonderful! He’s enjoying life and his new home! He’s got 4 acres to roam in the country area and 2 loving parents! As well as many many friends and family members that absolutely adore him as well! Along with a new home he’s gained a big brother! (Our boxer) they are inseparable and are always snuggling. Here are a few pictures of them! We have named the vizsla, Xerxes (zerk-sees) and our boxer’s name is, Bane!
I will send some more updates pics throughout his life! He’s already getting bigger ! We LOVE our fur babies to pieces !! I have some better photos but they are on my big Nikon camera that I will send over another day! Thank you so much for everything ! Warmest Regards, Kristi & Jaso (North Tonawanda, NY)

Update Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Xerxes ! He’s doing GREAT! He loves his new home and his brother. They do everything together and don’t like being apart. They watch all my shows with me (as seen in the one picture) , they stare out the window together, sleep together, etc. Two of their best friends are huskies and they all take walks together (seen in another picture). He has such a big personality and couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Anyways , Xerxes is getting so big and wanted to send you some updated pictures and status of how he’s doing . Thank you so much again for our fur baby! Krist & Jaso

Krist & Jaso , (North Tonawanda, NY)

“I guess it’s the price I have to pay for loving this puppy.”
The are many Vizsla puppies out there, however, if you are discerning, please contact us at South Side Farm. Located in New York, our Vizsla puppies are never too far away if you live in the Northeast region including New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Pennsylvania and more.

I just wanted to update you on our pups. Things are certainly lively around here and it’s great. Willow is great with our new addition ,Piper, who is doing very well. Piper is growing like a weed and looks as though she will be a bit bigger than Willow and just as beautiful! She is fun and smart and sensitive and such a joy!…Take care!

Christine , (Auburn, NY)

“I’m not trying to manipulate you, I’m just naturally cute.”
The are many Vizsla puppies out there, however, if you are discerning, please contact us at South Side Farm. Located in New York, our Vizsla puppies are never too far away if you live in the Northeast region including New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Pennsylvania and more.

Just Wanted to touch base with you. We have named our beautiful puppy Copper. My son was surprised and very happy. Copper has adjusted well and is wonderful and smart. I took him to the Vet on Friday and everyone just loved him. Thanks again for a wonderful dog…

Rob , (Auburn, NY)

“Okay buddy, I think we have everything covered: a nice home, loving family, a comfy bed, and these delicious treats that have us mesmerized.'”
Pennsylvania is the new home of this Vizsla puppy. Our Vizsla puppies are never too far from their birthplace here at South Side Farm.

Attached are a couple photos of Gunnar (Vizsla puppy) and friends. He has established himself as a very loving member of the family. He is well behaved, responds positively during training so far, and our vet was impressed with how healthy he is. Thank you so much for the pup and producing such wonderful dogs!… Happy in

(Falls, PA)

“I enjoy playing fetch, going for long walks on the beach and, oh yeah, gardening too'”
Willow, a Vizsla puppy now lives in Auburn, NY. South Side Farm is always hearing from people from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maine and more, that come to us for the best quality Vizsla puppies in the Northeast.

Here are some pics of Willow. She is getting so big so fast!
She has a more predictable routine now which is making things easier. She
enjoys riding in the car so we pretty much take her everywhere. She’s the happiest when she’s right next to one of us which is just fine! She is so much fun and honestly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever run across. She has her crazy puppy times but she really tries hard to do what we want her to. She’s so smart! We love her to pieces and are very grateful that we found South Side Farm! Thank you!….Christine (Auburn, NY)


Everything is going very well with Willow!! It’s so hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we brought her home. It seems like she’s been part of our family forever. She is so beautiful and smart and we love her so much! She’s been very healthy, strong, active and most importantly the most loving dog I’ve ever known. Well, we have decided that we would like to bring another one of your beautiful Vizslas into our home. I was wondering if you have any litters planned this year. We have a trip planned this summer and need to work around that so I figured I’d just contact you to see what your litter plans are. Here is our pretty girl (still a lap dog!!)…

Christine, (Auburn, NY)

“YouTube, here I come'”
South Side Farm in New York and Vizsla puppies go together like a hot summer day and floating around in a cool clear pool!

Hope all is well. I have been meaning to check in all week but, that flew by. With the new baby in the house – the routine’s been a little hectic. However, I/we are proud to report he’s been a very good boy, and is adapting well to his new life and family! He finally slept through most of the night last night and Mommy/ Daddy feel a little more rested. We named him “Jax” and I have attached a few pictures from over the week-end. With the weather being so nice – we spent it outdoors most of the time. I’m sure that helped with his potty training. He had his blanket, toys, water and all the love he needed. Not to mention the family was over on Sunday and he faired very well. Not to mention, he sucked them all in to loving him! He is very loveable. Loves to give kisses and always be around us. He has learned to sit (as best to be expected), he knows where to go potty and has even gone to the door on a few occasions. His sister was not happy when she first met him but, is slowly getting better at playing nice. It’s going to be a very slow process but, we’ve got all the time. He loves going up and down the stairs and is such a happy little guy. He has been a wonderful addition and the house is back to being crazy busy, once again. Although Max will never be forgotten, Jax has certainly filled that void and we look forward to many wonderful years. Thanks for everything!!….Regards….

Lori & Chris , (Mamlius, NY)

“Just call me Svengali; now do as I say: get me lots of dog treats, wait, wait, better yet, just bring me people food.'”
If you’re looking for a Vizsla puppy in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey or anywhere in the Northeast, there may be one in the very near future here at South Side Farm.

It has been over 2 months and we wanted to say hello. Melo is over 28 lbs now and is a smart and handsome boy! He is feisty yet loving…everything you said a Viszla would be. And when teething is
over, he will be even more fun!
Thank you again for bringing him to our family.
Have a great summer!

The Ponce Family , (Glen Head, NY)

“I know I’m just a puppy, but I think I’ll always play with toys'”
The are many Vizsla puppies out there, however if you are discerning, please contact us at South Side Farm. Located in New York, our Vizsla puppies are never too far away if you live in the Northeast region including Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Pennsylvania and more.

I wanted to give you a quick update on Sally the Wonder Vizsla.
Sally has made a seamless adjustment into the Pick family. She is smart
and sweet, and GROWING. The vet saw her a few days after we brought her
home, and again last week, and said she gained 6 pounds in that month, and
is developing “beautifully.” She is all legs now, and loves to use them!
I am sending a few pictures so you can see how your little girl is growing
As you can see, she certainly is a sporting dog–football, basketball,
soccer. If it involves a ball–she’s in!
We are so happy to have Sally, and so impressed with her beauty and brains and sweet, sweet heart.
We are grateful to have found you, and your wonderfully bred dogs!
We will keep you up to date on our girl.

Jenn and Billy , (Huntington, NY)

“A little more to the left, yes, yes, that’s it!'”
Vizsla puppies are for sale everywhere, but if you’re seeking quality above and beyond, South Side Farm is the place for you. Our Vizsla puppies have found homes in the Northeast such as Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and more.

Just wanted to send you an update (and note of thanks) to let you know
“Digger” is doing fine! We now live in Bozeman, MT (Digger & I) and I
can’t begin to describe to you his enthusiasm and love for this ‘Great
Outdoors’. After a painful divorce and the spouse’s encouragement to just
give the dog up for adoption, I choose the better path, packed the Volvo
wagon and tossed her the keys to the house & other cars. Off we went!
(Digger & I)
To say that Montana is “Dog’s Country” would be an understatement, also,
to say I have the best breed by far in the Vizsla Category would be
understating it as well! There is a breeder local here in Bozeman and I
have met several Vizsla owners. To say “Digger” powers out these others
would be an weak comparison, he’s 84 lbs. of muscle & bone, incredibly
active on the snowshoe trail up in the Bridgers, and pond friendly in the
summer time. everyone comments on his health, size & temperament. He’s
twice the size of the breed out here, more gentle & friendly then all –
did I mention ‘Handsome’ as well?
I joke with folks, and tell ’em we breed them “Big” in NY, but “Kudos” to
you, because of your first class care and attention to “Man’s Best
friend”. Not that I’ll need another companion soon, Diggers only 5 YO,
but I’d fly back in a heartbeat to purchase from South Side Farm Dogs, without a
thought. Ps. I do miss those awesome Cannolis we had during our visit. Sincerely…

Chef Scott , (Bozeman, MT)

“I’m modeling my new line of jewelry, it’s called “Doggie Bling”. I know it’s just a collar, but it’s all in the marketing”

Just wanted to send you a picture of “Digger”, the neighbor favorite! As all the kids on the street and our neighbors love him. He’s really come into his own as an ever faithful companion and Brooke and I would have never selected or been more pleased with another breed. His vitality and health are a tribute to your care and selective breeding process. True champions! He is full on high energy out in the field and a faithful “at your feet” dog in the down times. We continue to receive complements from family, friends and people we meet how gentle and loving he is to all people. He is acute and intuitive to an owners desire and eager to please and receive commands. I am thankful you allowed us, and we took the time to choose the mother for our litter selection. Though it took time for the next breading cycle, the wait was well worth the result of a fine dog with great attributes. I hope your success continues with such a fine bloodline of top dogs. Many Thanks….

Scott & Brooke , (Upstate, NY)

“Lab, Vizsla, Weimaraner, the breed doesn’t matter, we’re all just canines”

My Vizsla that was bred on your grounds is the best thing that happened to me. Glad to have a pup that keeps up with me and when it comes down to training, he’s easier then I am. He’s great with kids and all other dogs!!
Will definitely be getting every dog I have in life from your lands!!!…

Chad Maggi , (Chicago, IL)

“Come on, he’s allowed to show his tender side'”

Attached please find images of Ruby. She is the exemplification of the Viszla breed and full of energy. In addition to “yard” time, we run her on the treadmill for two 30 min. work-outs at 5+ mph. She gets on the treadmill and barks when she’s ready to go. Thanks for a great dog! I will send you additional images as she progresses. Thanks Again!….

Pat and Sue , (Phillipsburg, NJ)

“Oh yeah, I did it. I graduated! Now, give me a bone and a night to remember'”

Just wanted to let you know our South Side Farm Vizsla pups that we picked up from you on 2/6, Ayla and Chase are doing great. We had them both fixed today so I thought I would pass that info along to you since it was part of the contract we signed. I also thought you might like to see some pics from their basic obedience class we just finished last Saturday. They are very smart, learn very quickly and are a ton of fun. Chase is somewhat timid so we are working on getting him over his fears. Ayla on the other hand is very much the opposite and is pretty much all over anyone she meets. They totally love being together, romping in the yard as the weather warms up and going on their walks through the neighborhood. I also started taking Ayla out with my bicycle this week for the first time and she did really well with it. Thanks again for the pups….

Karin , (Oakland, NJ)

“Takin’ care of business, gettin’ it done, retrieving weird objects, uh huh that’s how I roll”

We just wanted to send a couple pictures of Tanner (Vizsla puppy) since we picked him up from you! He is such a great, loving, playful, smart, and VOCAL dog! We are so happy with him, thank you again!….

The Hoffmann Family , (Buffalo, NY)

“Pick me, no, pick me…What! You mean we both get a treat?”

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take a minute this morning and
thank you again for my wonderful dogs (Vizsla puppy and Weimaraner puppy). It’s been a really rough year
for me–going through a divorce, moving to a new town and starting over.
The one constant thing in my life that I can count on is the love and
friendship my dogs give me every single day. You can post this in your
testimonials, I am so lucky to have met you and your wonderful dogs.
Mine remind me every day to exercise and love life with the same
exuberance they do. They have adjusted to our new home easily and
appear to be happier than ever. I remember when I adopted Lily from
you, you asked me which dog would get more attention from
strangers–Prudence, my vizsla, or my new weim? I finally have the
answer–ME. Because everyone asks me why I was crazy enough to bring
the two most energetic dogs around into my life! My answer–I couldn’t
imagine a single day without them. They are an inspiration. Thank you
again–I have attached a beautiful recent photo of my girls. Happy

Melanie (Highland, NY), (Buffalo, NY)

“Oh baby, I am feelin’ the love! Life is gonna be good!”

Your generosity has added a whole new level of fulfillment to our lives. Lola (Vizsla puppy) is a wonderful dog — filled with spirit and love for us and for the world around her. She is absolutely the sweetest, most gentle, and most adaptable dog I have ever come across. We live in the city and she is routinely exposed to different sounds, people, and experiences. Whether it be the hand of a little toddler speedily moving towards her unannounced, another dog jumping at her, or a stranger transfixed by her beauty, she is always calm and friendly.

I would like to share how much you blessed our lives with Lola by sharing our story with other folks. Prior to turning to South Side Farm Dogs, we had a horrible experience trying to purchase a vizsla puppy. Moments after arriving home with our new puppy, our dog began having seizures. At first, I thought perhaps her running around the house, barking, and bumping into walls was a normal new puppy behavior. However, as her condition worsened, it became clear to me that our puppy was not normal. Over five seizures later at the animal hospital, we returned our dog. I had pretty near lost confidence in the idea of owning a dog. However, due to a referral from a good friend of mine who owns a lovely South Side Farm vizsla, Calle, I decided I should get in touch with South Side Farm.

After speaking with South Side Farm, I learned that he did not have any new litters of vizslas available, but, due to my experience, he was willing to consider giving up one of the puppies from a past litter that he had been saving for himself. My boyfriend and I drove all the way out to New York that weekend to meet the puppy. She was so beautiful and so sweet! I could hardly believe it. I was still nervous about purchasing a puppy, but the staff of South Side Farm Dogs was extremely supportive, kind, and understanding. They helped me feel comfortable about owning a puppy again and allowed me to realize my dream of owning a vizsla.

Now, Lola, Bryan, and I spend as much time taking walks in the woods around Pittsburgh as we can. Lola loves it when we provide her with the opportunity to walk by our sides without the leash and we love watching her run in the woods, climb up little hills, and point at birds. What we love most though is that she always will stop, look back, and, if we are too far away, she’ll wait for us patiently. We are extremely lucky to have Lola in our family and I am so happy that the kind folk at South Side Farm Dogs allowed us to become dog owners….

I just wanted to write and give you a quick update on Goliath, our Vizsla that we purchased from you almost 3 years ago. He is the most beautiful, loyal dog that a family could ask for. He is so gentle with our children. At night he goes to bed with my son, and stays there with him until he gets up in the morning. We are so blessed to have him in our family! Attached is the picture that I included on our family Christmas card. Happy Holidays….

Wendy (Hornell, NY), (Hornell, NY)

“Okay, now what do I do? It seemed so much easier getting in”

Attached are some pictures and videos from our cell phone, today, of our Maggie (Vizsla puppy) and my daughter Danielle. It seems that Maggie has found a new sport that she enjoys very much, swimming in our above ground pool. This is the best exercise we have found for her, since running her is tough, in our city area. She just turned one year old on the 11th of July, and this pet has brought great enjoyment to our home. My daughter and I are trying to talk my wife into getting a sister for her. It may not be too hard, as Maggie has taken over all of our hearts. I hope that you can view the files, as I am new to this cell phone technology, via camera. As I master the technology, I will send you better pictures. Thank you so much for a great dog….

Robert , (East Rutherford, NJ)

Chilli our wonderful Vizsla is doing great. She is finished with all her shots and is growing by the day. Chilli just loves to roller blade and throw football and play soccer with all the kids, she is really keeping us in shape. Chilli even took a swim in the ocean in Oct., she is everything we wanted . Now that it is cold out Chilli loves to lay right in front of our wood burning stove. I have attached a picture of Chilli at 5 months. I hope you and your family and everyone on your farm a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year….

Mike , (Townsend, DE)

“Apparently, for some reason, you’re as confused as I am.”

We have attached a picture of Luna (Vizsla puppy) and Bella and just wanted to let you know how in love with Luna we are! She is a magnificent dog…..people stop us everywhere we go and ask where we got her. Thank you for the incredible care you give to your dogs that enabled us to have Luna. Warm regards….

Kristin and Joe , (Roselle, NJ)

“Some say I’m spoiled; I say I’m living the life I deserve”

It is with great appreciation that we write you this letter. In July we purchased a puppy, Niki. Chalk another mark to your perfect matching record! Niki is a magnificent puppy. She has all the qualities we were looking for. We had spent a significant amount of time researching the breed. We thought that our other Vizsla, Lola was one of a kind. We were wrong! Niki has shown all the adorable, loving, playful, faithful, and rambunctious traits that set the breed apart. This was our first time purchasing a puppy. Lola is from the Humane Society and Taby is a retired racing greyhound. At first we were a little apprehensive about going all the way to Albany form Fort Lauderdale for a puppy. But everyone was so nice and honest and took their time to answer all of our questions that we knew we wanted to get our new family member from you. Our weekend getaway to Albany was wonderful. Your recommendations for accommodations were excellent. When it was time to pick up our little baby, we were very impressed with your facility and really enjoyed the time we spent with you. We cannot say enough wonderful things about you and would recommend South Side Farm to anyone who is looking for a quality puppy that will be a valuable member of any family….Henry & Daniela B. (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl)

Well, it has been a while since we have given you an update on Niki. We are excited to tell you she has exceeded all of our expectations!!! She is so smart, fun, loving, intelligent, healthy, and so on. There is absolutely nothing negative that we can say, not only of the breed, but of Niki. She is almost 2 1/2 years old and still a playful “pup.” We think she will be for a long time; which helps keep her older sister Lola (our Humane Society adopted Vizsla) in shape!!! These is no doubt in our minds that we will contact you again when we are ready to add another Vizsla to the family!!! We have included a picture for you to see her. You have no idea how much she enjoys the pool – even if no one goes in, she does….

Henry & Daniela B. and Family , (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

We purchased a puppy from you in Aug. (she was from the July 4 litter). Her name is Savannah. She has been nothing but an absolute joy and we couldn’t be happier that we decided on the Vizsla breed and South Side Farm Dogs. Her active, loving and friendly temperament was a perfect match for us. We would love to get another Vizsla but have decided to wait until we get a bigger yard. When we do, we will definitely be coming back to South Side Farm. We recently had a baby and Savannah has been absolutely wonderful with him. I am sending you some pictures of our perfect little Savannah. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed our first year with Savannah. Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our family….

Shannon R. , (Downington, PA)

South Side Farm is proud to receive a commendation from the Office of the Sheriff in Schenectady County. The owner donated a puppy to their K-9 program and an appreciative and elated Sheriff Harry C. Buffardi was kind enough to send this letter to South Side Farm expressing his gratitude for providing the department with such a gifted and talented puppy. Click on the letter to the left or read below what the Sheriff had to say about South Side Farm.

Thank you for the generous donation of a puppy. We have researched the pedigree of this dog and have found him to be of the highest quality and background of any dog that has ever entered our K-9 program.
At the very earliest stages, we were able to see in this dog very stable and even tempered characteristics. As a puppy, this dog is unaffected by the environment and remains stable under adverse conditions. He is not timid in any way and continues to have drive and hunt for a source of odor when there is exterior noise and other environmental distractions that would shut down most dogs. We normally test dogs that are at least one year of age to look for these characteristics but found this temperament i your puppy when he was only eight weeks of age.
We have named this puppy bosco and his training has begun with socialization and basic obedience. At 16 weeks of age we have found that he already has the ability to track subjects and has a sense of smell that I have never seen in a dog of that age. We will continue this training until he is about one year of age when we will begin his formal drug detection training. I predict that this training will be quite simple for Bosco and will be a key player in the war on drugs. One of our most experienced had handlers and police officer has already began taking him out in the field to socialize him to his future role as a police K-9.
Not only are we grateful for this donation because of this dog’s ability, we are appreciative because of the financial implications. For us to obtain a dog of this caliber and background would create an expense of five to ten thousand dollars. Because of your generous donation there will be no expense to the tax payers of this community. For this you are commended. Again, thank you for the generous and charitable donation….

Harry C. Buffardi, Sheriff , (Schenectady, NY)

South Side Farm is proud to have received the commendation from the Office of the Sheriff in Schenectady County. The letter to the left is a follow up to express, to the owner of South Side Farm, how well Bosco (the puppy South Side Farm donated) did in the K-9 program. Well, it appears that Bosco was is at the top of his class! Click on the letter to the left or read below what the Sheriff had to say about the puppy we donated!

Enclosed is a biographical data sheet we presented to a grand jury regarding KI9 Bosco for a case he was involved with. Bosco has been our most active dog in our K-9 program. He has made the most searches, made the most discoveries and found the greatest quantities. Though our K-9 does not always make a discovery on every search, because there may not be a presence of a target odor, I am convinced that Bosco has never missed a narcotic. As you were the donator of Bosco I thought you may be interested in this biographical sketch and interested in his accomplishments. We remain grateful for your generous donation of Bosco….

Harry C. Buffardi, Sheriff , (Schenectady, NY)

“Please, are we done? I must get back to playing and running and jumping and licking….”.

Debby and I just wanted to write you to let you know how well our new Vizsla, Sukoi, is doing after almost two weeks at his new home here in Clearfield, PA. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the little bugger. He is more than we expected in a Vizsla puppy. He is loving, playful and affectionate; he’s interacting well with our older ShihTzu, Cosmo and adjusting well to my clients who come and go constantly from my home office. Everyone comments what a handsome pup he is. You can tell his breeding is exceptional. We want to thank you for the long phone conversations prior to our purchase and for all the information and direction you provided while guiding us toward the puppy most suited for us. Debby and I were both impressed with the South Side Farm; your grounds were immaculate and the staff was very congenial and helpful. We so appreciated the two hours that you and Lisa spent with us during our visit. The information you provided about our new puppy was very informative and comforting as you took the time to answer each and every one of our questions. You can certainly tell a lot about the quality of your dogs by simply observing the effort and knowledge you put into your organization. Once again, we must say, that you went way above and beyond what we expected in a breeder. As we left South Side Farm, and said goodbye, we received a big hug from you instead of just a handshake….it was obvious that a lifetime friendship had begun! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts….

Tim and Debby , (Clearview, PA)

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